Luxury Car Towing in Dallas - Ft Worth

Dallas Luxury Car Towing by Maverick can tow a luxury vehicle in Dallas, TX. We can transport your exotic car anywhere and also offer long distance towing as well.

Tow Trucks Are Prepared For Exotic Car Towing 24/7

Don’t let just anyone provide towing for your new BMW or Mercedes. Luxury vehicles need to be given extra attention to ensure the entire towing process goes perfectly. Tires, bumpers, and valances are given extreme attention to ensure no damage is incurred.

Our flatbed tow truck keeps your vehicle off the road and out of harms way during transportation. By providing the safest means possible we give our customers peace of mind knowing that everything will go perfectly.

Our special tools and equipment mean we have the right supplies for the job anytime a low profile attachment or tie down is needed. The wheels and frame will be looked over carefully to confirm the right straps and anchors are used.

No one goes further to protect your ride during a transport whether it be 5 miles or cross country long distance towing. We raise the bar for both quality and customer service at the best prices you will find anywhere.

Maverick has been proudly serving DFW for over 10 years with the highest level of service that people around these parts have come to rely on. Give us a call and find out why more people choose us.