Towing in Carrollton Texas

Our Tow Truck in Carrollton TX Offers Emergency Roadside Assistance

Our Carrollton towing service provides a tow truck in Carrollton to help with anything from changing flat tires, to jump starting dead batteries, and delivering fuel if you ran out of gas. We can help 24/7. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Texas. Our goal is to deliver fast professional service at reasonable rates.

Providing Top Quality Towing Services in Carrollton TX

If you are needing affordable towing in Carrollton give us a shout. As an excellent provider of roadside services and emergency roadside assistance we have what it takes to come to the rescue. Every one of our tow trucks in Carrollton is outfitted with the proper necessities to take care of any predicament the customer may be in. After a wreck in most instances it is safer to call a tow truck in Carrollton to come tow your vehicle.

Tow Truck in Carrollton TX

If your automobile was hit in the rear there could be a fuel leak from the gas tank or gas line causing a hazardous driving condition. Our Carrollton Tow Truck can get to your location fast and help you. If you are hit in the rear anywhere near the wheels or trunk you will need to inspect the rear axle as well as the brake lines and brake calipers at the rotors. Sometimes a leak will be there but it won’t be apparent enough for you to notice on the first inspection. Once your car is being driven and the brakes have been applied this may allow the fluid to escape causing another possible accident. The wheels always need to be inspected 1st insuring you have not driven over sharp glass or metal from the accident. Sometimes wires can be pushed loose causing a blinker or headlight not to work. Always walk around car and do thorough visual inspection making sure blinkers and lights are working. Our tow truck in Carrollton will get you home safely.

Towing in Carrollton TX

We have been serving DFW for over 10 years with quality flatbed towing in Carrollton, TX. Give us a call and find out why more people in the DFW area choose us. Mavericks tow truck in Carrollton is always available 24/7 to help with emergency roadside assistance needs. Dispatchers are ready for your call 24 hours a day and can help with a wide variety of needs. Our collision tow truck can get your automobile to a reputable shop for repairs, or anywhere you need it to go. Did you know that insurance pays to have to car repaired at the shop of YOUR choice - and not theirs? Many people do not know this so we like to mention it. Anytime you need a tow truck in Carrollton be sure to call Maverick and find out why more people choose our tow truck services in Carrollton, TX.

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