Junk Car Removal & Towing in Dallas - Ft Worth

Dallas Junk Car Removal is offered by Maverick to tow a junk automobile in Dallas, TX. If you need towing please have the title in hand so we can haul the vehicle away.

Tow Trucks Can Remove Junk Cars 24/7

Have an old car that does not run or not worth anything? Maverick towing can help you remove unwanted junk cars fast. Our drivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Old vehicles that do not run can be a real headache, especially if your local law enforcement is threatening a citation due to expired license plates or inspection stickers. Some local municipalities require that vehicles be kept up legally if they are on your property.

Sometimes this is not worth the money if the car is old or not working. They can also become a nuisance if something happens and they need to be moved quickly. After a vehicle sits a long time the gasoline can go bad and the metal parts can begin to rust.

Older junk cars are never a good idea to have if there are small children around. Some old automotive parts can contain lead which is poisonous and / or deadly to young kids.

The bottom line is if there is an automobile on the property that needs to be removed, and you have the title we can get it taken care of for you. Feel free to give us a call so we can haul it away.