Roadside Fuel Delivery in Dallas - Ft Worth

Dallas Roadside Fuel Delivery by Maverick will help when the car ran out of gas in Dallas, TX. Our gasoline services are available 24/7 just like our emergency roadside assistance offerings.

Tow Trucks Bring Fuel If You Ran Out Of Gas On The Road

We have drivers on standby with fuel in case you get stuck somewhere with no gas. Running out is never a fun experience, especially if you are in the middle of nowhere with no gas station in sight. Carrying a tank of spare gas in the trunk is not really a good idea. Ask our tow truck driver about it and he will tell you.

I think we have all seen a jeep with those metal gas tanks on the back. The tanks are on the exterior of the vehicle. This prevents fumes and any spills from happening inside the vehicle. That is why you never want to keep a can of gas inside your trunk or vehicle. Those cheap plastic gas cans can be notorious for expelling fumes in the warmer seasons like summer. If you find yourself running out of fuel give us a call. We can send someone right out to get you going again at an affordable rate. If you were driving and the engine sputtered, and then quit you may be out of gas. Check the gauge to see what it reads.

If you just got into your vehicle and tried to turn the engine over and it will not start, and you remember the fuel gauge being on the E, then you are probably out, or so low it can’t be drawn from the fuel tank. Look and see if you are on an incline as this may prevent the gas from getting to the fuel pump and fuel line. Try shaking your car around a little when you are starting it to help get the fuel where it needs to go. If the car does start you will only have a dew minutes or less to get to a station. If all else fails give us a call. Maverick has been helping people in DFW for over 10 years.