Accident & Collision Towing in Dallas - Ft Worth

Dallas Accident Towing by Maverick offers a 24/7 collision tow truck in Dallas, TX. Our staff will always make sure you get home safe. Your car can be delivered to a reputable shop or anywhere you want it to go.

Tow Trucks Are Ready To Help You 24/7

Having a car accident can be serious. Always make sure the people in both vehicles are okay. If someone needs serious medical attention dial 911 right away. It is always a good idea to keep a first aid kit in the car trunk for emergencies like this.

Our collision towing trucks can transport your vehicle to a nearby reputable shop for repairs, or where ever you would prefer if you already have a regular collision repair center. Our goal is to provide top quality towing and get you home safely and quickly.

Maverick has been providing Accident towing in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex for over 10 years. We have a solid reputation for quality transport at affordable prices that people in DFW have come to rely on.

Sometimes when people have minor accidents they may try to drive the car home. If the car was hit in the front be sure to inspect for lights, wiring, and any hoses that may contain fluids. It may be impossible to see leaks that are small.

Small leaks may become worse once you start driving, and lets hope it is not a brake line that could cause another accident if the brakes fail. It is always best to get accident towing, even if the collision was minor. You just never know what might have been damaged. Get your car to a quality body shop soon as possible.